The Cavern of Sorrow

The Case Opens
In which a group is formed and a secret discovered


The reception for the late Prof Warren Bedford is held in Arkham. At the Hotel Miskatonic, the wake is interrupted by Jackson Elias, who is on a mission to find Bedford’s nephew Jimmy and is himself being pursued by several thugs from New York.

After a tense confrontation in the alley and a brief chase, young Professor Belas demonstrates some surprising stunt driving that leaves the tough guys in the dust, firing shots in the air in impotent rage. The party excapes to office of paranormal investigator Egbert Twistleton. Elias delivers an envelope that contains only a key.

After some deliberation, Hubert Whistlethorpe checks the university directory at the steam plant to see if Bedford still had an office on campus (no). Belas goes to his office to find another envelope has arrived – containing a sheaf of intricate, puzzling handwritten notes and diagrams, and Bedford’s short account (in modern Latin) of what was going on.


The party slip into New York, apparently unnoticed by the thugs. Elias takes his leave, giving his contact information. Everyone else heads over to Prospero House, where they interview Jonah Kensington.

Next, the party try the key in the lock of Bedford’s Greenwich Village apartment – and it works! Within, they discover an invisible trunk – briefly made visible with a mysterious powder, and a slightly unsightly Abyssinian cat. The cat plays a perfect Concert A, dislodging a key from the upright piano, and the invisible case is opened to reveal — a codex.

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