Game Rundown

Cavern of Sorrow is meant to be a fun, exciting RPG campaign, and open-ended in its time frame.

The game will hopefully be quite action-orientated, but without a lot of lethal combat (not necessarily, anyway). Think skills tests and extreme circumstances requiring ingenuity and lucky dice.

Event Details

  • Where: Sunday Night in Sunny Arizona.
  • Day/Time: Sundays, around 6.

Game: Call of Cthulhu

Based on the works of HP Lovecraft. Off the shelf, as you probably know or could guess, the game runs in 1920s Arkham, Massachusetts. The players take on the role of more-or-less ordinary people (detectives, reporters, flappers, professors, rich weirdos, etc) who become INVESTIGATORS — tramping around the countryside (or globe), following clues and attempting to thwart the hideous forces of the Cthulhu Mythos.

  • The Scenario: Currently running Monophobia

Call of Cthulhu mostly uses 10-sided dice in pairs as percentile dice (d100s) — more details in the wiki (link on top of this page).

The Cavern of Sorrow

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